Underwriting Australia Pty Ltd ('UAPL') is the coming together of a number of skilled underwriters and several existing underwriting facilities, plus the start of an expanded range of additional 'niche' product offerings to the insurance broker market. UAPL's origins and initial underwriting facilities date back to 1998.

Our focus is to deliver general insurance products that are 'niche' and deliver a smarter insurance outcome.

UAPL's strengths are:

  1. Leading products that deliver a difference.
  2. Prompt and professional response times and service.
  3. Skilled underwriters who have been involved in the origination of the various products.
  4. Underwriting facilities supported by leading APRA approved insurers.

Insurance brokers

We trust insurance brokers find our range of 'niche' insurance products of value to their clients.

Our facilities are primarily pitched at the SME business sector, although the underwriting capacity for most facilities will be attractive to major corporations.

We know that:

  1. From market research, feedback and current insurance broker support that our insurance products have broad application in the business community. As the majority of our insurance products are 'additional lines', this presents significant new business opportunities for insurance brokers.
  2. Our panel of insurers are highly respected in the business and insurance broker market place.
  3. Our insurance products are leading edge, which delivers insured clients with a much smarter insurance outcome and insurance brokers with reduced professional exposure. As several brokers have commented... 'If we're not putting up UAPL insurance product offerings, we're not doing our broking job properly, plus leaving ourselves exposed!'

Whilst we'll undertake periodic newsletter updates, UAPL encourages insurance brokers to revisit our website to learn more about additional facilities being added.

Insurance Brokers are encouraged to sign up to www.insurancebrokers.com.au.

Interested underwriters / underwriting facilities

UAPL has been structured to allow others with existing or new underwriting facilities to operate under the UAPL umbrella. This may be in the form of an existing underwriter / underwriting facility coming under the UAPL umbrella or an insurance broker with an existing 'retail' facility they'd like to make available to the 'wholesale' market.

Interested underwriters will benefit from the leverage of combined promotion and marketing and economies of scale by sharing 'back end' costs (i.e., marketing, operational, insurance, compliance etc.), whilst leaving the underwriters to focus on growing the facilities. In essence, underwriters will manage their own facility; keep all income generated by that facility; less an 'administration fee' retained by UAPL to manage the transactional and operational tasks. Underwriters also benefit from leveraging off each others insurance broker networks.

UAPL particularly welcomes underwriters, with underwriting facilities, from other capital cities, as this adds to UAPL's presence in the various important insurance broker markets and cross marketing leverage for all.

UAPL welcomes contact from interested persons.

In addition, UAPL is pleased to provide access to other Australian websites that list underwriting agencies or underwriting facilities:

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